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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

The presents are wrapped, the stockings are hung...whew...with an entire day to spare ;)

I try to run errands while Meredith is in Mother's Day Out...at two...she just isn't as interested in what Target has on the shelves as I am. It's hard for Josh to understand why we don't just load up and go shopping all day long...that's how most teenagers think, right.

I got Meredith ready, dressed, hair fixed, socks, shoes, juice to take with us...her pants have pockets in them today so she said she needed some money for them...got her some change...anything else you need, my dear...~all good~, she told me.

Off to Target we go, get two carts...one of the big ones where she can ride and it has a cart attached and a regular cart to put stuff in. We start off fine...fine lasted about 2 minutes...she want's out to walk, no...you have to stay in the cart...no, I walk...no, you stay in the cart. We banter back and forth about this for a bit and she finally gave up and stayed in the cart...for another minute or so. Josh is pushing her cart so of course she starts saying, Mommy push me...no, Josh is doing a great job at pushing you...no, Mommy push me...no, Mommy is pushing this cart. By this time, we've made it to the DVD & book section where she spots coloring books...her eyes light up, so Josh and I are more than happy to get her a coloring book and some colors....anything to let us get through Target without a toddler meltdown...those embarrass Josh in public. She gets in big part of the cart and is finally content to let us finish going through Target.

We just about ran through Target praying that the coloring book and colors would last long enough to keep her happy. We paid, loaded her into the truck, loaded our bags and when we get in...Josh looks over at me and says, Mom...now I know why you don't take her all over shopping, it's too much work.

He got to experience what it's like going with her instead of going with Marc and stopping in Starbucks to get coffee, and then leisurely strolling through the entire store...looking at every cd, dvd and video game they offer.

Welcome to my world son...LOL~

posted by Angie @ 12/23/2003 01:07:00 PM

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