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Monday, December 29, 2003

What is it with men, don't get me wrong I love my dh to death but sometimes I just want to shake him. He doesn't require much sleep at all...4 hours and he's good to go...me...well, I need somewhere between 6 and 8 hours.

For some reason, I've started waking up when he comes to bed so I've asked him...very nicely, I might add...that if he's going to come to bed after midnight to either be stealth like or sleep on the couch because when I wake up I don't generally go back to sleep very easily.

Jump to last night, I haven't slept well in about three days and guess what...he comes in at 1:30 am...not very stealth like either, so I got to enjoy some alone time from 1:30am to 4:00 am...ugh...I was so irritated!

This morning he gets up all happy, nice and bubbly and there I am...drained, exhausted, have a headache and body is aching. He takes a shower and is getting ready to go off to work...where, I might add...he can go to the bathroom alone, eat lunch with his buddies, drive in the car by himself.

I'm left with a teenager and a two year old...both of which are at opposite extreme ends of the spectrum from each other and require as much energy as a person can muster up...and since I don't have any today it should be interesting around here.

posted by Angie @ 12/29/2003 12:57:53 PM

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