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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Ahhhhh...what a little sleep will do for me. Woke up this morning and feel great since I actually slept seven hours through ~without~ waking up once...woohoo...that's almost unheard of.

On another note, I've been eating low carb now since the week before Thanksgiving...I try to keep it to 50 carbs or less a day and the majority of those the healthy ones...salads and veggies. I've lost 14 pounds since starting and it's been really easy thus far.

Welllllll...on Sunday night I had a hamburger and french fries...whoa...talk about being almost instantly sick, it was really, really bad. I was shaky, hot and my stomach hurt...bad...cramps. I think I sent my system into a sort of frenzy... I can't remember when I've eaten that size of burger or fries...why do they make them so ~big~ ? I ate that on Sunday evening and couldn't even think about food until late yesterday afternoon, there wasn't anyplace to put it since I was still so full.

Josh reminded me that I don't ever eat that much anymore and my body getting sick is a way of telling me that all those carbs aren't good for my body...hmmm..ya think so...gotta love it when my teenager reminds me of what I've been saying now for a couple of months ;)

Speaking of Josh, he starts back to school on Tuesday which also means means back to "Camp Adams" in athletics. Coach Adams spends the first week or so back making the guys run, run and run some more, to help them "rid" themselves off all the holiday goodies they managed to pack on during the holiday break. It's good for him to run, lift weights and work out...helps keep his testosterone levels in check since it runs on high ~all the time~ around our household...grin...makes a mom crazy sometimes ;)

I hear the princess of the house, she's in her room, in her bed...hollering..."Wake Up Mommy, Wake Up Marc, Wake up Bubba...Donuts?" Guess I know what she wants for breakfast today...gotta run now~

posted by Angie @ 1/03/2004 07:39:44 AM

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