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Sunday, January 25, 2004

~~Alrighty Then~~

We are now a three cell phone family...yikes!

Cell phones and I don't seem to get along very well. I managed to lose mine earlier in the week...over the course of eight years...I've now lost two and Meredith has broken one.

Maybe I was supposed to lose it, I don't really know. The end result is that we all ended up getting new ones...Josh too...yikes...what have we done. I know a lot of girls that are young teenagers and have a phone...they need one for safety, etc. I don't know many guys that have them but it will be more convenient for me. No more giving him one of our phones, no more worrying that he will waiting for me at school because Meredith and I are running five minutes late, etc.

We can all assign different pictures to different callers so when I call his phone, he has a cat with these peering eyes that comes up... I told him that's me watching him...hehe. Marc loves coffee, so when he calls me that's what comes up on my phone.

I'm off to learn the text messaging lingo, I want to be able to understand what Josh is sayiing to me when I get a text message from him...or do I...LOL!

Have a Great Day!

posted by Angie @ 1/25/2004 08:09:58 AM

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