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Thursday, January 01, 2004

::~Happy 2004~::

The older I get the faster the years ~fly~ by. Today is the beginning of a new year and as soon as I turn around, I'll be wondering where it went. I remember being young and being glad when a new year rolled around, it signified that I was getting older, more mature (hopefully ;), new opportunities, etc. I don't get as excited about moving from one year to the next these days. It signifies different things for me now, mainly that my sweet babies are growing up. I have very few years left with Josh at home and I truly hate to think about that, I begin to wonder...have I really done a good job raising him...have I really instilled the values and character traits in him that I think I have...the list goes on and on.

Having both a teenager and a toddler allows me to see everything from both spectrums...when Josh and Meredith are walking along together...I see just how fast he's grown up before my eyes and just how fast she's growing up. The age difference between the two of them has made me really slow down and appreciate each and every day that I have both of them at home. I love watching them play, watching them ~freestyle~ dance, watching Meredith go up from behind her bubba and give him a kiss, watching through the window as they go get the mail everyday together...it's those types of things that I've slowed down to savor, value and treasure...the sweetest memories a mother could have...pure, gentle, kind and loving.

Our family wishes you a ::~Wonderful 2004~::

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