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Sunday, January 18, 2004

~~*Happy Sunday To You*~~

Yesterday was an experience for us...Josh had an All City Band Concert and...**~GASP~**, we took Meredith with us...aaaaaccccckkkkk!

I knew this would be a big challenge for her *and* us so I made sure she had a nap and we took colors, coloring books, stickers, books to read, snacks, juice, etc. to help keep her occupied...LOL...yea, right!

Before the band began playing the band director talked about the concert being taped for tv and a cd being made as well sooooo....everyone needed to turn off their cell phones and keep their kids quiet...uh....oh...at that very moment I knew there would be a problem.

We told Meredith that she had to be quiet while the music was playing...we put our finger over our mouth and said...shhhhh...you have to be very quiet...and she put her finger over her mouth and said...shhhhhh...be quiet, seemed to me that she got the idea.

We had the stickers out and during the first song, she got really excited about the Tigger sticker...and says...Oohhhhhh....Mommy, Tigger...Tigger...jump...Tigger...jump...as she stands up in her chair between us and starts jumping up and down just like Tigger does. As any normal parents would do, we immediately said...shhhhhh...you have to be quiet...she said ok...I be quiet...ok, good girl.

Second song starts and she wanted some of her Elmo snacks...I breathe a sigh of relief...I mean if she's eating Elmo snacks she'll be quiet...right...hahahaha....wrong...as soon as she finds an Elmo one...she's hollering Elmo...I got Elmo...Elmo, Elmo, Elmo...immediately I say to be quiet...she says, No...Emme not quiet...Marc took her out as I sank in my chair, hoping no one would think I was one of those horrible parents that tried to bring their kid to a band concert.

Often, I think that other people *ass*ume that if you bring a young child to a siblings function that it's because you're rude or inconsiderate of others but that's not ever the case for us. Here's the deal, Meredith loves, loves, loves her brother and she loves to go to his functions...on the way there, she kept repeating, "Bubba, play horn...Bubba, play horn". She gets so excited to see him on stage and then when he's done, she's thrilled to see him as he comes down the hall with all his gear. He usually has to hand everything off to us so he can pick her up.

So the next time you see a young sibling at a concert or some other function, don't *ass*ume that the parents are rude, etc...rather think about the delight that the little brother or sister has when they see their older siblings performing.

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