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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Meredith has three baby dolls now, she got two a little before Christmas and would play with them off and on. My parents gave her Bitty Baby (her absolute favorite) for Christmas and that's when the doll craziness set in, now her entire life revolves around these dolls...which means mine does too!

She doesn't do anything without them, when it's time for bed, we must gather all the dolls, swaddle them, put them in bed and rub their backs so they can go to sleep...so now, I'm covering four of them every night. Meredith picks out just the right blanket for each one to use every night, I tend to think that any blanket I grab will be just fine but not her, she's very particular and goes through some sort of decision process for each one...I have no clue what the criteria is but whatever it is, it's important to her.

When she wakes up in the mornings, we have to wake the babies too. Yesterday morning we didn't get the babies out of bed and while she was eating breakfast, she informed me that the babies were crying and we needed to get them. She loads them all in her stroller which is really designed for one baby doll and brings them everywhere with her.

I had some cloth diapers that I used with her and since I didn't really want to throw them away, I gave them to her to use with her babies and you guessed it, now along with the baby dolls, the stroller, the highchair, the babies diaper bag, bottles of milk and juice, baby food, baby clothes now I too am having to help keep those put away...I've decided I like self torture...;)...not really, she's so darn cute and plays with them for hours on end.

I love watching her play with them, she's talks so sweetly to them, she rubs their backs, she changes their diapers...oh and she plays with them like her 13 year old brother plays with her, she flips them all around...up in the air...twisting and turning and "freestyle dancing" with them. She thinks that's how you're supposed to play since her brother has always done that with her...hehe...it's so charming to watch.

posted by Angie @ 1/08/2004 07:13:55 AM

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