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Monday, January 12, 2004

Toddlers and Shoes...

Have you ever really watched a toddlers face when they put their socks and shoes on by themselves?

Nowadays when I want to go somewhere, I know to start at least 30 minutes ahead so that Meredith...aka...Miss Independent...can put her shoes and socks on...hehe...it's so cute to watch.

She still struggles with her socks, trying over and over again to wriggle her toes into them just right. She doesn't like them to be bunched or wadded up in her shoes so she works very hard to get them right...goes like this...

Sit down, pull up pant legs to the knees, look at, name and show me every boo-boo on both legs...she gets part of her toes in the sock but can't get them all just yet...she tries over and over and over and over...again and again and again and yet again and finally asks me to help her put them on...but I can only get her toes in the sock and then she's back to doing it herself...she pulls them over her foot to the ankles and stops there...doesn't pull them up, fold them over...just a wad of material around her ankles...LOL!

When she's got her socks on, it's time for shoes...she puts them down in front of her...looks at her foot, then her shoe, then her foot, then her shoe...looks at me and says, "this foot mom?"...yes, sweetheart...that's the correct foot...she slides her foot in and gets a look of divine joy...we do the same thing for the other foot too.

Now she has both socks and shoes on...socks wadded around her ankles, pants pulled up to her knees...with that look of divine joy and accomplishment on her face, jumping up and down with glee...she says, "ready mom, let's go"...ahhhh...the sweet days of growing up...it takes so little to make her so happy!

~::I Love, Love, Love being a Mommy!::~

posted by Angie @ 1/12/2004 09:33:36 AM

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