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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

1. Is your role model someone famous or not?

Who is your role model?
~No one really, I think of role models as positive people who did things right...I didn't have that~

2. Which is more important to you: Actions or words?
~Actions, baby!~

3. Do you forgive easily or hold a grudge?
~When I was younger, I held a grudge. After years of growing and maturing, I don't hold grudges anymore. Life is too short to waste my energy on that form of anger, and nothing positive ever seems to come from holding a grudge.~

4. What is the last lie you told?
~That I was too busy to talk on the phone~

What is the last lie someone told you?
~I own a clothing email loop and this woman told all of us that she was beaten by a pack of teenagers with baseball bats...I guess for the attention.~

5. Would you rather be with someone for the wrong reason or alone for the right reason?
~Alone for the right reason~

~Tuesday Twosome~

posted by Angie @ 2/17/2004 06:39:24 AM

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My Sanity-Do you have it?
Really, I'm looking for it...if you find it, hang on to it for me ;)

Wife to my Very Best Friend & Mom to a **Teenage** son and a 4 year old Daughter.

11 years between the...ahem...darling...children...they both think they are only children.

Strong willed, independent, each one is **ALWAYS RIGHT** so the other is **ALWAYS WRONG** and so on...no wonder I'm looking for my mind half the time!

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