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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

~The Importance of Your Back~

My back is something I really don't pay much attention to on any regular basis. It always works, no big problems, allows me to stand, sit, bend, pick up Meredith, pick up the paper towels that Oreo shreds...LOL...heck, it allows me to do a lot of cleaning, and it prolly wishes I would clean more.

Last week it went out...talk about painful...I could barely go from a sitting to standing position and when I did my legs would tremble...the pain...wowie...not fun.

I finally went to the doctor last Thursday and honestly, I've never been so happy to get a shot in my entire life. I hate needles of kind and especially if they are coming towards me...I'd almost rather have anything done than get a shot...until my back hurt so bad...did you say a shot would help, really, ok then...where do I bend over at...LOL!

He was right, it helped a lot and then I've been taking muscle relaxants and pain meds while it's continued to improve. Marc stayed home with me so that I could recoup faster...what a sweet man! Love you Honey!

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