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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Love is in the air...

1. Valentine's night: Alone or have a date?
With my family, dh...son and daughter...can't think of a better way to spend it!

2. Candy or flowers?
Both of course...ehem...Godiva!

3. Valentine's Day: Romantic day or stupid commercial day to sell Roses at insane prices?
A little of both, you can't deny in the incurable romantic in all of us and at least having a designated Valentine's Day helps the men remember to spoil us...hehe!

4. Would you stay with someone who you no longer want to be with just so you have a date on Valentine's Day or break up?

5. What is your best Valentine's Day memory?
The first Valentine's Day that my dh sent me flowers, there's nothing like knowing you're getting flowers from your best friend and soul mate ;)

Tuesday Twosome

posted by Angie @ 2/10/2004 07:32:32 AM

Angie's Insanity
My Sanity-Do you have it?
Really, I'm looking for it...if you find it, hang on to it for me ;)

Wife to my Very Best Friend & Mom to a **Teenage** son and a 4 year old Daughter.

11 years between the...ahem...darling...children...they both think they are only children.

Strong willed, independent, each one is **ALWAYS RIGHT** so the other is **ALWAYS WRONG** and so on...no wonder I'm looking for my mind half the time!

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