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Monday, February 09, 2004

~My Cabinets Have Been Taken Over~

I remember when Josh was little and all the cabinets were full of sippy cups, plastic cups and lids, straws, little plastic plates with Scooby Doo, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles and Barney on them and I also remember how happy and sad I was when it was time to get rid of them. A sign that my baby was growing up and no longer wanted those items.

As I was unloading the dishwasher today, I realized that many of my cabinets have once again been taken over by the same types of things only in girls characters this time...Disney Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, Minnie Mouse, etc.

I was standing there looking in the cabinet where my glasses are and there's simply no rhyme or reason anymore...no organization, not full of just "pretty" glass glasses...instead...it's jammed packed with every kind of plastic cup you can imagine. Red, green, blue, minnie mouse, mickey mouse, restaurant kid cups, plastic cups from all kinds of sporting events...you name it, I bet I've got it...LOL! All of my pretty glasses are now up in the higher shelves in the cabinets.

As I was looking in the cabinet, I sighed and thought...I can't wait until I get my cabinets all nice and neat again and just as that thought went through my head...Meredith said, "Mommy, I need you". At that very moment I was jarred back to reality, thank goodness!

I'd much rather see Meredith climb up in the chair and see the absolute delight in her face when she's able to get a cup for herself instead of nice, neat, organized cabinets where she can't get anything out because something might break.

My memories of seeing her so happy when she's accomplished such a little task will last much longer than any nice, pretty glass.

Once again, my baby girl has blessed me with me just being herself and reminded me that it's ok to have a messy, unmatched cabinet...especially since I'll have these memories forever!

I Love You Meredith!

posted by Angie @ 2/09/2004 01:24:12 PM

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