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Saturday, February 21, 2004

~Well Good Grief~

I knew I shouldn't have written about how wonderful Meredith had been his week...oy...I just know that jinxed me!

Yesterday was horrible, just horrible...a day I'd like to wipe from my memory!

Things started off bad and got worse, every single thing I told her *not* to do, she did!

I went to the bathroom to pee and what that takes about a minute or so...ha...well she's in the kitchen destructing! She poured all my oxi-clean on the cabinets, the floor and down the sink...told me she was helping me clean...so I cleaned up that mess.

I was trying to put her clean pj's away and she dumped ice tea on the floor...why she thinks she can hold, lift and carry a gallon jug of tea, I have no idea!

Ummmm...oh yes, she managed to pour 7-Up on the floor~
She likes to use her step stool now to get to whatever she'd like, so she thought it would be fun to feed almonds to the dogs...we get the big container at Sam's and now we have to get more. I'm surprised they didn't get sick! That's a short list of her antics yesterday.

When I told her to stop, her reply is that I hurt her feelings...well good grief, if she's telling me that at 2 1/2...what will she be like at 15...oy...I better start loading up on vitamins now so I can keep up with her.

Here's to a better day today!

posted by Angie @ 2/21/2004 07:48:47 AM

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