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Saturday, April 17, 2004

~Alrighty Then...Teenagers~

Do you have one...a Teenager...or how about kids that are past the teenage years...if you do...please write me and tell me that this too shall pass and we will all survive...including the teen in our house...LOL!

For some reason Josh has decided to take his slllllloooooowwwwww sweet time coming to the car when he gets out of school. On Monday, I waited for 22 minutes. That seems a bit excessive to me, especially since I know
the athletic coaches aren't keeping them late. He gets in the truck, I ask him if there was problem or something that kept him late...his reply...no, I was hanging with my friends. I was nice and said ok, well tomorrow you need to come on out quicker, I don't like waiting this long.

Well of course, I said the wrong thing...I should have said ...oh honey, take as long as you like because on Tuesday he was even slower...grrrrrrr...and of course...dumb me, I just repeated the same thing that I'd said on Monday.

On Wednesday, they had the concert at the Meyerson so I knew they'd be late getting back and that was fine...but then on Thursday he did the same thing again but this time I could see him "hanging" with his friends outside.

Oh gosh, I was soooooo very frustrated with him. I finally laid on the horn but of course he never heard it, tried calling his cell phone and he doesn't hear that either so I just wait and watch...waiting...watching...simmering...waiting ...watching...slowly starting to boil...waiting more ...watching more...finally I'm at a total boil!

At last he notices that I'm waiting...so does he hurry...noooooooo...how about walk at a semi-quick pace...nooooooo...he's walking like he's got cement in his shoes...slooooowwwwwwllllllyyyyy...very, very slowly...dawdling across the entire school lawn...by the time he got into the truck, I was furious with him.

I told him, he was being disrespectful by not doing what I've asked him to do three days this week and that I wouldn't be waiting on him the next day, which happened to be Friday...the day when all kids are ready for the weekend and they all zip right out to get on home and start their social activities for the weekend. He also knew he had to finish getting ready to go camping on Friday afternoon after school so he needed to get himself on home.

Well, Friday afternoon rolls around and I'm certainly in no hurry to leave for school. I looked at the clock and thought...well the bell just rang at school...let me do the dishwasher...oh, and I need to change out the laundry,
I forgot...I also need to sweep the floor...you get the picture.

Low and behold about 30 minutes after the bell rang at school my phone starts ringing and it's Josh...wow...he does know how to use his phone...amazing...why...oh yes, he needs me for a ride home...LOL!

Conversation goes like this:

Me: Hello
Josh: Ummmmm....Mom?
Me: Yes
Josh: Can you come get me from school?
Me: Yes
Josh: Now?
Me: Ummmmmm...ok
Josh: K
Me: Ok
Josh: I Love You
Me: Love You Too
Josh: Bye...oh, and hurry...please~
Me: Ok

Soooooo...I had to get Meredith dressed again because of course she's stripped off yet again...sigh ...anyway we finally get out of the house and loaded up and are on our way.

Here's the visual layout of his school and the road...when you are standing at the school you can see the main road, both ways for a good mile or so.

As soon as I knew that I was in eyeshot of him, I drove like he walks when he's irritated with us...ssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwwww! I brought Big Blue down to about 5 miles per hour...there was no traffic since most all the other kids were gone already...and he was able to see me driving ever so slowly all the way to his school...turning into the parking lot and going even slower until he finally started jogging to me with all his stuff.

I felt good about this...give him a little of what he's been giving to me all week.

He loads all his stuff and jumps in the front and I'm just normal, Hi...how was your day...etc.

His first words were, I'll be much quicker from now on...I won't be late and I won't walk slow anymore...oh and Mom, I Love You!

Well, alrighty then...it worked, he's gonna be quicker, he won't walk slowly ****AND**** he loves me...I got all of that in one breath...LOL!

He's now off camping and I'll be waiting to see how Monday goes...stay tuned for the next edition of Me and My Teenager!

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