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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I've been meaning to blog this before it passes and I forget~

We listen to all sorts of music in our home and vehicles...Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, etc.

I got in the car one day and Marc had put Elton John's Greatest Hits CD in there...an old one...LOL! I popped it in the cd player and Meredith loved it...she sang along the entire way to get Josh from school.

For now, it's her very favorite cd and her favorite song is, Bennie And The Jets. Meredith doesn't understand all of the words because every time Elton sings Bennie...Meredith **screams** the word back...I guess she thinks he saying, Back And The Jets. She uses this very low, throaty scream when she does it instead of her normal...high pitched, shrill, girly scream...which is good because he says Bennie a lot in the song~

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