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Sunday, April 11, 2004

~Last Edition of The Twist, Turns & Burns of Life~

Surgery took about an hour, I remember waking up in recovery hurting like all you know what...wowsie...what did they do to make my rear hurt worse than it had before. I must have been a bit loud because they kept checking on me...asking me if I was hurting...that seemed like an odd question to me...I'm just out of surgery, I'm hollering about hurting but I guess they needed to confirm that I was in pain. Either way doesn't really matter, they kept giving me more and more morphine.

I was in recovery so long, they called Marc so he wouldn't be worried about me. They said something along the lines of...Hi...This is the recovery room, you wife is in a lot of pain and we are really trying to get under control so she'll be here a while longer. I'm not exactly sure how long I was there, several hours and then I landed in a room.

My first nurse was awful...she didn't hook my IV line up, just left it hanging and then when I started hurting again she never came back with any pain meds...she didn't do anything at all so by the time the late night nurse (11pm) came on, I was very behind on my pain meds and was hurting in a bad way. I remember Marc and the late night nurse being upset and she set about in a very quick fashion to get everything fixed although once you get really behind on pain medicine, it's super hard to get caught up.

Marc left at some point in the night to go take care of the dogs and I woke up crying...bad, bad pain. My nurse was so kind to me, she called my doctor and got approval for extra morphine and something else, she gave it to me and then she rubbed my hair for a long while until the medicine kicked in and I was calmed down and not crying.

Ok, jump to the morning...about 10am...my nurse comes in and says she is going to remove the packing that's in there...and here's her plan...she's going to give me two pain pills and wait about 25 minutes and then give me some morphine through the iv and wait about another 15 minutes so all the medicine will be working well before she takes the packing out. It's right then that I knew this was going to be bad, very...very...bad! Who ever gives that much meds to remove packing, but then how often is your butt ever filled with stuff...don't answer that...mines never had anything it!

Ok, the time comes! Marc is there with me, thank the good Lord above~ When started pulling the packing out, I thought I would die right there in the hospital bathroom...that's a pain that I never want to have again! She started taking it out and I thought it would never stop coming out...I can't believe how much gauzy stuff he got in there...she pulled and pulled and pulled! I was dying and poor Marc was standing there holding my hand watching this stuff come out. The very last part was the absolute worst, I'm guessing that the blood and gauze (or whatever he used) were dried and stuck to the tissue up there. I screamed, I couldn't stop myself...I'm guessing it's a primal thing because I'm not a screamer when I'm hurting...I generally get very, very quiet.

Once that was out and I sat in a warm bath for about 15 minutes, I felt sooooooo much better. That gauze had been causing some of my pain, having it removed was awful but the relief afterwards was wonderful.

It's now officially 11 days post surgery and my rear has never felt better! He must have done a great job down there because I'm past all the pain and have no new pain on the backside!

This surgery will top $30,000.00, I praise the Lord that we have awesome insurance which has covered everything thus far at 100%!

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