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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

~Life's Unexpected Twists & Turns~

Oh my goodness, it's so interesting to me how life can throw you curves when you're least expecting it!

This post is going to be very matter of fact so if you don't like to read that kind of stuff...just move on now...LOL!

I'm in my mid 30's and have had two kids...and yes, I have dreaded hemorrhoid's. I was the lucky receipent of them when I had Josh almost 14 years ago...and then having Meredith almost three years ago just added to the situation.

They have been aggravating off and on for years but nothing I couldn't live with. I would just put some medicine on them and keep going...until this past week and oh my goodness...talk about stopping me in my tracks!

It started a week ago friday, I just started hurting and it went from bad to worse. I tried all the medicines I had in the house...Proctofoam, Prep H, and every other cream, sauve and pad I have purchased over the years...nothing helped. I woke up at 3:30 on Saturday morning with them ~still~ hurting and by 2pm on Saturday I was at the hospital emergency room crying and in agony.

I have never been so humilitated in my entire life...I go into the er and they smile and say...what can we help you with today...I quietly say...I have hemorrhoid's that are killing me...they say...I'm sorry, I didn't hear you...can you speak a little louder...so I repeat...I have hemorrhoid's that are killing me...and they say very loudly...oh....you have hemorrhoid's...well...yes! I'm in this area where everyone can hear every word that's being said, people are lined up at the window, nurses are in and out and now every single person within earshot know that yes, that woman over there has....hemorrhoid's! I wanted to crawl into the nearest hole but the problem was I couldn't have moved to get into a hole, I was hurting so darn bad!

Ok, so I end up in an exam room...get a gown and they say...strip off and the doc will be around soon...soon...I'm hoping soon is like in a few minutes because I'm bawling it hurt so bad but noooooooo...soon was about a couple of hours. He comes in...looks and says, yes...you've got hemorrhoid's...ok...tell me something I don't already know. He leaves and next comes a nurse with a nice big needle of meds...she starts an iv in my arm and here comes the happy juice...great...they give me some relief, a script for 12 pain pills and some suppositories and I'm on the way out the door.

I sufferered through the rest of Saturday and Sunday...and took the 12 pain pills which only slightly dulled the pain...certaintly didn't get rid of it.

Monday morning rolls around and I'm dying again...soooooooo...this time I'm off the ER where my Colon/Rectal works out of. I only waited about three hours and then they got me on iv pain meds right away. First the er doc comes in and looks...I scream...she says...I'll wait for the other doc...then the next doc comes in...and examines me...I scream and she says...I'll wait for the next doc...then comes my Colon/Rectal doc...he starts to examine me and says...he can't because the pain is just too bad. He's wondering if I had an Anal Fissure because external hemorrhoid's just don't cause this much pain...they have room to expand and contract but my pain level was waaaaayyyyyy beyond anything he'd seen in a while.

He does a CT Scan looking for an abcess and doesn't find one so he starts treatement for a fissure which includes massive pain killers, valium, nitro cream from a compounding pharmacy and some other cream for back there. This is on Monday around 6pm and says if I'm not doing much, much better on Wednesday morning to call him. Wednesday morning rolls around and I am doing better but it's because of all the drugs that I'm on...not because I'm actually better back there if you know what I mean.

He says well, I need to see you this morning, come on over...lovely...come on over so you can stick something else up my butt...not! Ok, we get there, I strip off and put on a gown and he comes in...all is well until he says...I need to put this little analscope in and look around...I said, well...how little is it...he showed it to me and I about died right there...there is nothing little about it at all...nothing! I didn't have any choice left, I was hurting so bad, I just wanted someone to fix the problem so I agreed and after he must have put an entire tube of ky jelly on that thing he put it in my rear to have a peek! Meanwhile, I told him that things are made to come out of there not to go in and he needed to be quick...I didn't even finish my sentence to him and he said we need to get into the or now or very, very soon...asked his nurse to see if the or was available at 1pm...it was 11 am at the time. The or was booked until 7:30 pm so he scheduled me for then...what a nice way to end his day...looking up someone's rear end...ugh!

I had thrombosed, strangulated hemorrhoid's...ouch! He said, well no wonder your pain is sooooo bad, it looks awful in there...duh...I'm thinking well, I'm not nuts after all...I've got a problem...it may be a butt problem but it's still a problem and it hurts like heck~

I'm too tired to finish typing, more later~

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