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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Meredith is scheduled for her endoscopy this Thursday but she's come down with a slight cold so I'm calling her ENT to make sure she'll still be ok to be put under. We really need to get this endoscopy done, her reflux has gotten so much worse and she needs her meds adjusted.

I feel bad that it's been put off this long and if I hadn't had that stupid emergency surgery we would be done with all this by now...sigh...so my baby is suffering because of that.

She also got bit by some unknown bug on the backs of her legs behind her knees and her little legs swelled up something awful. I took her to the doctor and they gave me a script for some cream and said she's very allergic to whatever bit her. If it bites her again, the reaction could be a lot worse...that's not good since I don't have a clue what bit her to start with. She never cried or said a word.

There's a book fair at Mother's Day Out today so I'm going to buy her a bunch of new books and save a lot of them for the summer time. She loves to read and we love to read to her! We get great books at great prices through the book fair so I always stock up!

I'm in the process of re-doing my website, it's slow going since I don't have much time on the computer these days. It's hard to be here when it's so pretty outside!

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