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Monday, April 19, 2004

~Sleep Deprivation~

Since my email is whacked out, I'm posting these links here for my Mom!

Sleep Deprivation

Here's a small snippet of info from that site:

Mental Functioning

Without adequate rest, the brain's ability to function quickly deteriorates. The brain works harder to counteract sleep deprivation effects, but operates less effectively: concentration levels drop, and memory becomes impaired. Speech becomes slurred and fragmented, and mental reaction time slows.

The brain's ability to problem solve is greatly impaired: decision-making abilities are compromised, and the brain falls into rigid thought patterns that make it difficult to generate new problem-solving ideas. Insufficient rest can also cause people to have hallucinations.

Another Resource over at About.com

Franklin Institute Online

posted by Angie @ 4/19/2004 08:34:20 PM

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