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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


1. "Eek, I owe" or "Show me the money!"

~LOL~ Now that I don't work, it's show me the money!

2. "Finished already" or "It isn't the 15th yet, so why rush?!"

Done, Done, Done!

3. "Taxes suck" or "I don't mind because some of it goes to social causes"


4. "1040EZ" or "How the heck does anybody understand all this crap?"

~I don't do any of it, my dh is the one saddled with it and doesn't complain much~

5. "Receipts? What are those?" or "I keep everything just in case *knock on wood*"

~Oh goodness, receipts are ***such*** a big thing around here...every little receipt is kept and he's always soooooo proud to show me how much he was able to deduct with all the receipts I've grumbled about saving through the year!~

~Tuesday Twosome~

posted by Angie @ 4/13/2004 09:24:12 AM

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