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Saturday, May 01, 2004

~All is Quiet~

It's just after 8 here and everyone is still asleep but me.

There is no tv, no radio, no washer, dryer or dishwasher running.

I don't really recall the last time I heard the hum of the computer running, it's seems so loud right now.

It rained all night long and more is projected for today. We are only supposed to hit the low 60's for a high today.

Josh has a high school band clinic today but only for 30 minutes...I don't understand how 30 minutes is considered a clinic but I'm not the band director!

Meredith is coughing more mucous up, thank goodness. I honestly had no idea that she was that full of the stuff, I feel awful and like I "should" have known but gosh darn it she "never" seems sick...never runs a fever, never really complains about anything...she's really a sweet girl...mommy's girl...ok, well daddy's girl too...;)

We spent most of yesterday hanging out in the bedroom...reading books, doing puzzles, watching the wiggles and elmo. Neither of us feel good and are both fighting colds. I finally drug myself into the shower about 1:30 and then she took a bath after I finished my shower. After we were both done, we piled back up in the bed and she let me brush her hair for at least 30 minutes...such a sweet time for us.

Marc didn't get home from work until 9 last night and by then I was so tired that I handed his princess over to him and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I looked over and the princess was snuggled up with her daddy. A very sweet picture indeed.

posted by Angie @ 5/01/2004 08:11:59 AM

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