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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Can't Sleep~

I've been up and down all night long checking on Meredith.

She started complaining of stomach pain last night just before going to bed and her bowel movements were worse than they have been.

I called her ENT who then called in someone else and they felt most comfortable admitting her to the hospital for iv fluids and possible iv antibiotics. She was already asleep (9pm) and since she was able to rest, I didn't really want to wake her up and haul her off to the hospital to be stuck with needles and then have her try to go back to sleep. Her doc said that was ok but that I needed to check on her every 1-2 hours during the night. She's slept through the night so far and doesn't feel feverish although she never presents with a fever. Her color is off, she's white and her appetite is decreased. She's also not drinking like her little normal self. If she still has the same issues after she gets up this morning, I'll prolly take her on over to the hospital, they already have all the orders ready to go so we wouldn't have to go through the ER and wait, etc.

It's so hard as a mom to know exactly what to do, do I let her sleep...do I wake her up and take her? I don't know so I've been up checking on her, listening to her breathe, feeling her skin, watching her...she's so beautiful, so sweet, my precious baby girl.

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