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Sunday, May 23, 2004

It was a low key here today~  I didn't sleep again for most of the night
last night so I stayed in a fog until around noon or so today.  I remember
when I was younger and I could stay up all night long and keep going the next
day...not anymore......I'll
end up with a migraine and my arthritis will usually end up hurting.

Meredith ate well at dinner tonight.  I cooked flounder, mac n' cheese,
corn, cornbread and watermelon...I didn't realize it was all the same color
until it was too late.  She didn't seem to care at all, she ate very well
and so did the boys.

Marc has hurt his eye somehow so he's got to call the doctor in the morning,
he tried calling his eye doctor and they haven't called back yet.


I had no idea Josh had so much laundry saved up for me to do...ugh...I'll be
doing laundry for days.  Where did he get all these clothes?

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