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Saturday, May 29, 2004

~Oreo is Home~

We got Oreo back from a neighbor's last night. She had be-friended a couple several houses down the street and they kept her and put out signs.

When we picked her up, we thanked them for keeping her for us and asked if she was well behaved. He said yes, and that she didn't jump on anything...I thought that was odd...since she's a springy little dog.

As soon as we got home, I could tell she's hurt. Her back right side is messed up but there's not any "visible" damage...no missing hair, scratches, etc. She's really favoring that side and can't jumo up on anything. She drank a good amount of water and then got into bed, in her spot and we covered her with her blankie.

After she relaxed a while, we got to look at her feet...her front right foot isn't in very good shape at all. She's got a pad that's half torn off and several of her nails are sliced down the middle. She kept trying to pull off that piece of her pad but we didn't let her...the vet can decide what needs to be done.

I wonder if she got hit by a car and just kept going?

We will be going to the vet the very first thing this morning!

We still haven't heard a word about Miss Vogue, my heart is breaking...I miss her so much! She's "my" dog, follows me everywhere, sleeps at my feet.

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