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Monday, May 24, 2004

Josh has finals tomorrow and a key one for him is Science. He's in honor's and his grade this year counts towards his GPA.

He has Scouts on Monday nights and they are having the meeting tonight which is fine but he feels like if he doesn't go, he'll get griped at...yet again.

I have always said that academics come first in our home...nothing else. I certainly don't feel that he should be fussed at for not going when he's studying for school. Heck, I'm thrilled I have a teen that cares about his grades and it singes my rear when people moan about that!

I've decided that he can go for his PLC meeting and then "I" will be picking him up and if they want to gripe, fuss, moan, groan, complain, whine, be ugly or anything else they can do it with me...not Josh...gosh darn it!

I've been listening to this for weeks on end...one kid told him that "his parent's" didn't want him to pick Josh for another leadership position because he's missed some meetings...which has been academic related....grrrrrrr!

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