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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

This morning has been rather busy~

Took Josh to the doctor for his sinus problems. Thankfully since they put him on meds last week, he's all cleared up now.

We had to take one of Meredith's prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy since it is only made in tablets for adults. They make it into pleasant tasting suspension for her...thank goodness.

Drove over and picked up the specimen jars to put the poop samples in for the cultures. I don't know about anyone else but dealing with poop makes me sick and of course she went as soon as we got home so I "had" to deal with it instead of waiting for Marc. She did enough for two of the jars and we are waiting on enough to fill the last jar.

I still have to drop off the rest of her records at her ped's office and finish getting scripts ready to mail off.

Never ending day isn't it, and we did all of that before noon.

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