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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Feeling: Crazy

Meredith woke up with a fever this morning, it's sitting steady at 101. She can't take liquid medicine, says it makes her sick so we used a suppository and hopefully it will come down a bit.

I'm doing laundry, can someone tell me...does laundry have babies in the middle of the night? I think ours does.

posted by Angie @ 6/29/2004 10:12:34 AM


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi Angie; Its me Paula. I didn't have a blog accout with the same place so I had to post anon ....lol. Sorry to hear Meredith has a fever. Watermelon is a great thing to be getting for her though. Good tasting and keep her from getting dehydrated. I would be checking out the Dr too as you did. Great minds think a
like (wink). If these comments give you some difficulty as they did me a bit, check out www.haloscan.com. I completely control mine from my pc and with uploading the proper code when it needs changed. A piece of cake! *HUGS*


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