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Saturday, June 26, 2004

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Whew a Whirlwind Two Days!

Hi Everyone!

We got home late yesterday and I've just not had a free moment to write an entry.

Meredith did well through all of her testing~

All of her sinuses in her head are blocked and full of infection except for one and it's about 25% open right now.

Her ENT & Pulmonologist have recommended her having a Nissen Fundoplication
because most of her problems are directly related to her reflux. We haven't been able to control her reflux and she's on high doses of meds for that right now and it's apparent that they aren't working either.

She's currently getting 5 IV Treatments a day, Rocephin is every 12 hours and the Clindamycian is every 8 hours.  The diarrhea is back so we are watching that closely.  She's also running a low grade fever and threw up a few times this morning.   We aren't worrying about solid foods right now since she has no appetite and are mainly focusing on pushing the fluids through her.

Sooooo...hopefully we'll get the surgery scheduled this week and she'll be there between 4 and 5 days.

On another note, Josh came home today from Scout Camp today and I had to take him to the doctor for his toe.  He ended up having the toenail removed because the infection was so bad in his toe.

He's on the couch in the living room with his foot propped up and just took a pain pill and Meredith is at the dining room table getting a treatment. I started everything and Marc is with her now so I could finish this entry that I've been trying to post since early this morning.

I'm tired, we are all tired!

Hug your kids today!

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