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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Good Morning!

Woohoo, let me start with the cutest adoptions I got yesterday for the shoppe! 

who happens to be my
CGF for
the month of June made them, aren't they adorable!  I'll be adding them
ASAP and I'm sure they will be glad to come and live with you or a friend that
you send them to.  Thanks Nikki, Meredith and I love them!

Ok, the doctor wants to put Meredith back on Bactrim but we are holding off
until Friday when we meet with her ped.  She's not markedly worse and not
markedly better so we gather she's holding her own right now...with her that
could be good and could be bad...it's hard to tell.  We just don't want to
put her on any antibiotics unless we really have to since she has the MRSA,
which she wouldn't have if she hadn't taken so many antibiotics already.

Josh went with Erica last night to work VBS at her church, he seemed to enjoy

The Princess took forever to go to sleep last night, the last time I checked on
her at around 11 she was out...Thank Goodness...she needs her rest.

I'm off to answer some emails since I'm terribly far behind and then going to
cut this gorgeous watermelon we bought yesterday, slice strawberries for
strawberry shortcake and unload the dishwasher...you know...get ready for the
day type stuff.

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