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Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm Soooooo Behind....   

I'm so behind on blogging...seems when I try to catch up in one area, I fall
behind in several others.

Meredith is sick yet again, this time it's been since June 6th so yesterday
was 10 days.  We made the decision before she got sick this time to see how
her body would fight the next illness and so far I'd say it's fair.  She
saw the pulmonologist on Friday June4th and was well and then by Sunday
night...bam...sick again.  Started talking to his office on Wednesday and
then saw them on Friday which ended up being about a 3 hour appointment. 
He wanted to start the first round of immunity testing which involves drawing
blood and sending it off for lab work and then giving her a
injection, after 30 days we go back and they draw blood again and compare the
results to see how her immune system is or isn't reacting to the

More later, she's not feeling well and is crying~

posted by Angie @ 6/14/2004 11:21:17 AM


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