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Friday, June 04, 2004

Is it Really Another Day?

Is it really Friday morning here? Is it really summer? Are both kids really out of school for the summer? Will I be locked away in an mental ward before school starts again?

No matter what I try to accomplish, I don't seem to actually accomplish much of anything...is it just me, is it a severe flaw in my personality...is it because I'm not capable of making proper decisions...aaaacccckkkkk...I just don't know!

And teenage boys...mine in particular, I love him to death but for goodness sakes why in the world can't he ask for help when he needs it instead of doing whatever he thinks is best?

We bought Meredith a new pool/play thing yesterday and he goes to blow it up...without reading the directions...said there weren't any directions. He started putting water in the part of the pool where the air goes...now what sense does that make? Low and behold when I showed him the directions that were plainly printed on the box, he said, Oh...I didn't see them...well...did ya' look?

While trying to blow up some of the toys, he broke the air compressor...granted it wasn't a huge one but nevertheless he broke it when all he had to do was ask about which tip to use instead of shoving the one he thought should work into it.

Meredith was screaming because she wanted in her new pool, the new pool has water where air should be, the air compressor that would blow up the pool was broke...she's screams, he's frustrated and barely listening and I just want to throw up my hands and go away on a three week vacation away from both of them!

More Later...I'm going to get myself some coffee and have a nice, long, hot shower before everyone wakes up for the day~

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