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Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's 5:30 am my time and we have to have Meredith to the hospital by 8am this
morning to get her admitted.  She's scheduled for the CT Scan under
sedation at 9:30 and at the end of the CT Scan her ENT is coming down to look in
her nasal area to check for a polyp that another doctor thinks he might have
seen.  If she has one then she'll go back for surgery on next Tuesday. 
After they finish the CT Scan she will go and have the PICC Line inserted. 
I always get jittery when they do this because she has to be transported through
the hallways from one area to another while she's asleep and it includes an
elevator ride as well.  The anesthesiologist stays with her the entire time
but I guess it's just the Mom in me that get's worried.

If everything goes great, which I expect that it will, she'll be in the hospital
overnight and we can come home tomorrow.

We noticed last night that she's having more MRSA Spots on her skin, she's still
alseep so I can't check to see if she has anymore or if they've gotten worse
this morning.  We've been told if her system gets weak enough these spots
can turn into abcesses...yuck.

Ok, I'm off to finish getting her stuff ready, be back later.

Give your kids an extra hug today!


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