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Monday, June 21, 2004

It's getting close to July so I re-did things in in patriotic
colors and adoptions, you can find the adoptions in my shoppe if you're looking
for any for your pages. 

I know America isn't perfect, no country is.  I couldn't
have prouder of our country than when Reagan died and to see everyone come
together from all party lines, different countries, different religions...we all
came together as one...that's what we do in America...we come together as
One...United...Supporting Each Other...how much better does it get than that?

I was sorting Laundry earlier and I looked down to find a
green lizard on my hand...I thought I was going to have a heart attack right
there on the spot...my heart raced for at least 30 minutes and I still haven't
been back over there to sort any more laundry.  Marc will have to make sure
the coast is clear before I go back over there.

sent me the cutest sig tag, Thanks so much sis it really brightened my day!


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