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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Whew, it's been a super busy week here! 

Yesterday, we had a full day of errands and appointments. 

We had to get Josh another complete Class A Scout Uniform since he's staffing
Golden Acorn in a couple of weeks.  He seems to be looking forward to it
and it was really an honor for him to be asked to be on staff this year.

He forgot to submit his order for extra Golden Acorn T-Shirts so we called
the director of "GA" yesterday to see if they had any extra's we could purchase.

Ran by Target to get a new bulletin board for the fridge, got it home and it
doesn't have the magnets so have to return it and get another one.

He had his appointment to get his Eagle Project signed off with
New Beginning
.  New Beginning Center is a Domestic Violence Shelter along with
many counseling and preventative programs here in our own local community. 

It was really moving to go to the administrative offices.  We all know
that many women are killed each year by their husbands or significant
others...approx. 233 a year just in the state of Texas.  Immediately upon
entering the offices you are greeted by life size silhouette's of women that are
painted red with a plaque on them stating who that silhouette represents, what
year she was killed, how she was killed and whom she was killed by...talk about
making the hair on your arms stand up...whew...it did mine and Josh's too! 
One of them had been stabbed 23 times by her husband and her body was found by
her young children...can you even imagine the horror...just makes me sick.

As we were leaving he kept looking at those silhouettes and he told me, he
was sick to his stomach.  I think the reality had hit him.  He said he
knew that bad things like that happened but when he read the one about the lady
being stabbed 23 times and her young children finding her...that made him
realize how important it is to help stop violence in the home. 

He went back in and asked them if he could borrow the silhouette's when he
does his fund-raising and they said, yes.  I thought that was a great idea
since they are life size and really help you visualize the situation.

Josh spent a great deal of time thinking about his Eagle project and he
wanted it to be something other than building a bench for a church...nothing
wrong with those that choose to take that path...he wanted it to be something he
would be proud to tell his children about and honestly, I can't think of
anything better.

On another note, I bought myself a new book yesterday...just something on the
lighter side. Angry
Housewife's Eating Bon Bon's
.  I needed a little something just for me,
an escape in the evening to calm my nerves, help me relax, and get back to my
love of reading which I've neglected since Meredith was born almost three years

If anyone really reads this, I hope you have a wonderful day today!


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