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Monday, July 19, 2004

Behind, Behind and More Behind!
Friday afternoon we had a couple of little issues.
Meredith got some food stuck in her esophagus.  We were sitting at the table and all of a sudden she started putting her hands around her throat area and her eyes got huge so Josh and I knew something was wrong.  I don't do well with this sort of thing so I'm saying to myself and her...it's ok, just stay calm...you just need to get it out if you can.  It took her a couple of tries but she got it up.  You could certainly tell that it never went to her stomach because it was in the same state as when it went down and she had drank some milk after she ate it to try and wash it on down and the milk was exactly the same as it was in the cup...no stomach acids or anything.
A bit after that episode she started saying her neck hurt.  After she said it about 4 times, I called the doc and they said it's gas pains from the gas they put in her body during surgery.  The nurse said it's more painful than the surgery and to use warm compresses and get some pain meds in her.  She won't take any oral medicines now unless she's desperate or we hold her down.  She must have been hurting bad because she took the pain med with no complaints.
We spent the rest of the weekend mainly just being a family together...a normal family...our days didn't revolve around what time is the next medicine due or when the next iv treatment was due.  It was sooooo nice and for the most part stress free!

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