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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We met with the new surgeon yesterday and loved him! He was a trauma surgeon for 14 years at the busiest hospital in our area and then went back to school to specialize in Pediatric Surgery.

He was wonderful with Meredith and she really seemed to like him.

He does the surgery both open and through the scope so he said that down the road she would be much happier with how she looked if he did it through the scope. After discussing the pros and cons of both open and the scope we decided on the scope.

We went over to the hospital and did all the pre-op stuff after we left the surgeon's office.

My doctor called me in some medicine to sleep so last night was the first night I've slept more than an hour or two in weeks.

Miss Pam, her nurse, came and changed the dressing on her picc line today. She said Meredith is looking better, her eyes are nice and bright again and not glassy and cloudy/greyish looking.

We got out today and went to my Mom's house for a while. She's having a garage sale so we helped her a little bit, it was nice to get my mind off of the upcoming surgery.

I'm so very behind in my email and visiting my favorite reads...I'm sorry.

Nikki...if you read this...thanks so much for checking on us and being so supportive...Big Hugs!

I'll write more later, it's 8pm here and time to give Meredith a treatment and get her ready for bed.

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