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Friday, July 02, 2004


I've had yesterday afternoon and last night to ponder over the doctor's appointment and my feelings about it haven't changed.
The other upsetting he said is, if she's been like this for three years why is it such a big deal to have the surgery done now? I told him that we only found out this was an option last Thursday and I called right away and got the very first available appointment that he had open. I also had to tell him that the reason it's a "big deal" is because her four specialists said it is and that's why I thought three of the four called him.  It's not like we've know this was an option and we've waited for several years...matter of fact, this is the last option available.

According to his schedule, the soonest they would do the surgery is around the middle/end of August which just doesn't work for us. Josh starts high-school in the middle of August and I won't have her in the hospital when he starts high-school. You only start high-school once, it's not like you can go back and do it again down the road. Changing from middle school to high school is a huge transition and I won't jeopardize that for him. It's just as important that I be here for him as it is to be there for Meredith.

Josh is the kind of person that will say, it's ok mom...take care of Meredith, I'll be fine and while I appreciate that...it's just not fair to him.  I will not put him on the backburner for this. It's very apparent that it's not life threatening or they would have already done it, so I don't see why it would hurt to wait at this point.

Shortly after school starts the hospitals start filling up with kids that have the flu, RSV...all those fall/winter problems. Her immune system is compromised already and I certainly don't want her in the hospital when it's overflowing with all that stuff.

We have lived, breathed, walked and talked this stuff to death for the last two weeks and so for now we are going to get on with things. We will be going to the movies, swimming, the mall, the library, etc. Our family desperately needs some normalcy back and quick...Josh starts marching band practice twice a day on July 26th so until...we are going to have some fun!

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