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Saturday, July 03, 2004


Twist & Turn, The Surgery Saga Continues

I woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday night and prayed so fervently...asking God to show me very clearly what the right answer is regarding waiting on surgery or doing it now..  Meredith was sleeping in our bed and I put both of my hands very gently around her face and said, God...you know this is my baby...my sweet darling daughter...we want nothing more than for her to be well and not have to be sick all the time and if it's your will that the surgery be done now, please make it happen...I beg you to show us the right answer, the right time, and the right doctor.

I had to call our doctor yesterday morning because Meredith now has an awful yeast infection on top of everything else going on.  They called her two prescriptions right away and while it's very easy to use the cream on her, we had to fight her to get her to take the oral medicine.

While I was on the phone with the nurse, I did a short run down of the fact that we were fine with waiting to have the surgery done along with all the reasons. She said she wanted to talk to Dr. M about it and see what he thought. She called back in about 5 minutes and low and behold Dr, M was able to get a surgery date for us on July 12th. We have a pre-op appointment on the July 7th. It's a different surgeon and she will have to have an open Nissen which will mean her recovery time is a bit longer. I again explained that we were fine with waiting and Dr. M. said no, she's sick now and it "has" to be done "now".

So the same surgical group that had no appointments until mid-August with any of the surgeons that do this procedure were able to come up with a surgery date in a week, amazing isn't it.  Dr. M. booked the appointments for me and I
didn't even have to call them or anything, I was very pleased that he did that for us.

This means that she will have the surgery and will have plenty of time to recover before school starts!

My prayers were answered, Thank You Father God, Thank You So Very Much!

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