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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Does Morning Come Fast or What?

Seems by the time I had time to go to sleep it's time to get up!

I didn't used to need a clock to wake me up but since I'm getting up at 5am everyday, I need one. Maybe when I get caught up on my rest,
I won't need one again.

Meredith is getting up early these days...6am...it's killing me...
LOL...why, oh why can't she just sleep in for a little longer.

Her first words this morning were, Mommmy...can I have your coffee? No, it's mommy's...I know, but can I have it...No, it's mommy's and you don't drink coffee...I know, but I can drink coffee...no, you can't...you're not old enough yet...but Mooooommmmmmyyyyyy
Nooooooooooooo and so our day has begun...LOL!

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