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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Monday Maddness

And now for this week's questions.......True or False:

1. I always exercise my right to vote. (If you are under 18, 'I will always exercise my right to vote as soon as I am old enough to.') T

2. I pay little or no attention to the campaign ads aired on television prior to a presidential election. T

3. I can see myself running for some type of political office someday. F

4. I believe we will see a woman become president in my lifetime. T

5. I try to keep an open mind regarding all political issues. T

6. I believe the drinking age should be raised. T

7. I think the legal age to vote should be raised. F

8. I thought these qustions were interesting. T

9. I will be back to play again! T

~Bonus Question~ (stole this idea from wild fl0w3r!)

10. If I was the moderator of this meme, one question I would ask is........Do You Ebay? If so, what, how often? Is it a full time job, part-time hobby or just to clear the junk from your house?

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