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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Tired Today!

Whew...I'm a tired pup today!

Meredith can't have carbonated beverages since her surgery so I thought I'd try to get off my Dt. Dr. Pepper in the mornings but oy~I'm not sure it's gonna work. I've never been a coffee drinker and at my age, I don't think I'm going to start loving it anytime soon. Without my morning coke, my get up and gone has got up left...LOL!

Josh said his Underarmour worked out great today, whew that stuff isn't cheap either.

They marched outside this morning from 7:30 and got to go in at 11 instead of 12 because they worked so hard...yay for them because it's hot as heck here and I mean hot, hot, hot!

The have freshman orientation tomorrow morning, I still can't figure out why I had to pay $10 for him to go to it...must be something I don't understand.

Meredith is still doing totally fab since her surgery. She's happy, sleeping well, her moods have settled out a lot too.

I'm still adjusting to her eating habits which have changed drastically. She barely eats at all now compared to before surgery but that's ok...the amounts are much more in line with her age since she's not having to self medicate with food anymore.

If you pass through this way...would ya leave me a comment or a tag...it gets lonely sometimes!

Thanks to my buds Paula, Kristen and Nikki, they are always checking on me...Love Ya Gals!

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