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Monday, August 02, 2004

What Do I Do All Day Long?

Today it's been the following:

Up at 5am
Check on ebay listings
Answer ebay emails from potential customers
Get Josh up at 6:30
Take Josh to Band Practice at 7am
Wake Meredith up at 8am
Make breakfast for her...she didn't eat this morning~
Get her dressed and ready to go
Go to Target and get groceries
Come home, put up groceries
Go to get Josh from band practice
Come home & make lunch for Josh, Emme' & I
Take Josh back to band practice
Go to Oshman's to get UnderArmour for him...so much to pick from and had to look at everything twice...LOL!
Go to Barnes & Noble to get a couple of books they had ordered for me~
Swing through McDonald's to get Emme and I a drink
Come home and check ebay emails again and get Emme a snack
Have to leave now to get Josh from band practice and it's 3:15 CST here...oy...no wonder I'm tired!

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