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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Who Says Things Slow Down When School Starts Back Up?

I'm really beginning to wonder about that statement but then most people don't have a freshman in high school and a 3 year old...and if they do, I promise like myself they don't have much sanity...LOL!

I was on a serious boycott for at least a year about keeping a calendar. I don't know why, guess it doesn't matter why since it's over and I'm again living by the calendar. Maybe it was because Meredith was sick all the time and I was in some sort of denial about all the doctors appointments. I used to have to ask Marc about that stuff because he always had it in his pda.

Anyway...nothing like getting of track is there~

I've got a serious migraine today so Marc took the kids to pick up one of those plastic organizer things at Office Max since they are on sale and then to Target to get T-Bone Steaks to cook for dinner...he's such a sweetheart...certainly my knight!


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