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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I have exactly 30 minutes until I have to get Emme and I just got home from a super hectic morning!

Took Josh to the allergist this morning and yes, he needs allergy testing...no surprise there. Got to the scheduling desk and whipped out my trusty calendar and then the tennis match begin. The scheduler and I went back and forth and back and forth and Josh kept turning his head between us from one to the other and then back to the other...every time I said ok, Josh said..."No, Mom...Mr. Goodwin says it's stupid to have an appointment the day before a performance...ooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyyy...and so it goes...on and on!

I went ahead and booked the appt on Oct 1 which really bothered Josh because they have a marching contest the next day but jeez...it's either that or wait until the week of the 18th and who wants to suck snot that long...Josh does!

We left went to the pharmacy there in the hospital and bought a saline wash kit he has to start using and then went out to the car...just as we shut the doors Josh said, "Oh No! We forgot to get a note!"

We get out of the car, go back through the parking garage, into the elevator, across the main lot, through the main lobby, into the elevator, up to the 5th floor, down the long hall and back into the docs office for that note that will allow him back into the school...they won't allow him back into the school without it even though I checked him out. While we were up there I decided to change the appointment and made it later thinking that it would be better if he only missed part of band that day instead of the entire band class...thinking I was doing a good thing...wrong!

Once we were back in the elevator in the parking garage he told me he'd rather miss the entire class than have to leave during class and hear any comments. Oooookkkkkaaaayyyyyy....now ya tell me!

My normal thing is well, I'm the mom and you have to go the doctor and that's that...end of discussion and yes, I did say that today but then I remembered just how important marching band is to him and just how much he truly loves it and I changed my stance a bit.

I offered this:

Josh...I know you love marching band and you don't want to miss anything so how about this. You show me that you can be compliant with your saline wash and nasal spray over the next several days to maintain some control over your allergies and I'll change that appointment to the week of the 18th?

He couldn't hide his shock and he was thrilled...I'm happy to try something different too!

ok, runnning to get the princess now!

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