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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm learning to like coffee.

Now that Meredith isn't able to have any carbonated beverages, I've also given them up. I've really discovered an entire new world of things to drink. I used to typically stick with water, iced tea and soda. Now, I've become a risk taker in the beverage world. Our supertarget has an isle that's labeled New Age Beverages and I never realized how many flavors of water and drinks they make now days. I'm trying them all, even the ones that don't sound all that wonderful to me on the off chance that I might like them.

Meredith is open to trying any new beverages so I tend to think that I should be more like her with less pre-conceived thoughts about how something will taste and just try it.

Actually, I think that we could all stand to learn a few things from our kids...to have less pre-conceived notions about things...lots of things. They see things from such open, innocent eyes and they will give things a chance.

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