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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Off My Behind & On My Feet ;)

The clock goes off at 6am and I know that I have to get up or I make everyone in the house late, late and later. Why does everyone revolve around me, I really pondered that this morning as I went about doing what I do the first hour of my day.

get up
wake Josh
turn kitchen tv to the news
start making coffee (made Marc so happy, I love to see him smile in the morning...cuz he's soooo not a morning person)
make sugar free kool aid stuff
make tea (we drank the entire gallon I made yesterday)
change out the laundry
make lunch for Josh
preheat oven
get cinnamon rolls in the oven
make lunch for Meredith (grill cheese)
prepare saline wash for josh
line out meds and nasal sprays for josh
ice the cinnamon rolls (woohoo, cooked just perfect!)
drink iced tea while josh eats and we chat for a bit about the days events
start dishwasher
add things to my shopping list
put away what I've gotten out
wipe down the cabinets
give them both big hugs and kisses
tell them I love them
tell them to have a good day
tell Josh I'll see him at marching practice

they are both out the door at 6:55

no more pondering, I know why now~

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