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Friday, October 15, 2004

Dragging Through the Day Today!

Oh for goodness sakes, I've spent the day dragging myself through it.

I'm sooooooo tired but I can't be tired, there's no time to be tired. Today is Marc's birthday, tonight is football, Sunday is our anniversary, etc...tiredness isn't in the "schedule".

The alarm went off this morning and I thought of only two things, a sledgehammer or being in another life not mandated by a darn clock.

Marc slammed (he's much too tired to tap it gently, slam the sucker into submission) the snooze button and bam, we've got another 10 minutes of blissfull sleep! It goes off again, wham...slam it again...did it break this time? I should get it up just in case it actually broke because then no one would get up and that would really be awful.

Oh my gracious, *can* I get up? My bones, they are creaking and popping and I'm only 37...oh, wait...Meredith slept halfway under me all night again...ugh...I can barely move from my waist down. I ever so slowly get up and not because I'm trying to be quiet folks, it's because I can't freakin' move! Great, I'm up and then I have to stand there for what seems an eternity until I realize that if I don't head towards the bathroom, I'm prolly not going to make it.

Why do I have to pee right when I wake up and I can't move? Doesn't my bladder know that I can't move, that my body is sore from the ahem...monster...errrr...princess...being under me half the night?

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