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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Family Boardroom~

We're able to tell when Josh is overtired and needs to do some serious catch up on his rest. The only problem with catching up right now is when.

Rest has to be a the **top priority** or nothing else will matter.

He's full of protesting, his horn needs to be polished, band gear needs to be double checked for tomorrow nights game, etc.

We finally said, we're the CEO's of this family and we run the boardroom. If you have more homework you're free to do that but anything else will have to wait until tomorrow because you've got to get some rest.

I really think he was relieved, he went and finished his homework, came back in the kitchen had a glass of milk and something a little sweet to eat and is heading to bed as I type this.

I love hearing the words, "Goodnight, Mama"...I hope he never thinks he's too big or too old to say that.

Goodnight, Josh...I Love You!

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