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Monday, October 11, 2004

A Girl & Her Favorite Shoes!

We bought these shoes forever ago at the Dollar Store and gosh darn, Mer just loves them! She's outgrown them, her feet won't even slide into them anymore and the papery green stuff that is supposed to be the leaves is coming off but she won't let me throw them away.

When she's gone to school or out of eyesight, I try to get rid of them but I just can't.

I can see her in my mind sitting in a chair with her favorite shoes on, swinging her feet just as happy as can be...saying, "Mommy, do you like my shoes?"

Mer's Favorite Shoes!

I've tried to buy her some new ones but she say's, "No, I've got my favorite pink shoes at home already". She looks up at me, tilts her head and says, "You know, Mommy...my pink ones...my heels?"

The weather has been yucky today, drizzly and rainy so Mer and I have been home most of the day. Today she sat at the table eating her lunch with her favorite pink heels on, swinging her feet wildly, asking me again and again if I still liked her pink heels, looking at her feet, then looking at me, looking down again, smiling at her feet and then laughing out loud and looking at me again and laughing.

Yep, today's been a good day so far...just Mer and I...no boys, no farting, no belching, no butt scratching, just us girls!

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