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Monday, October 18, 2004

A Household of Addicts!

Who would have thought that a household that includes a 43, 37, 14 and 3 year old could all be addicted to the very same thing!

We are all like crazy people, where is it...I've got first dibs on it, who's got it, don't mess it up.

Hurry up, find it, get it, is it there, they didn't forget it did they...we stand around like druggies,hands on our hips, tapping our feet waiting for our next fix!

Everyone has their own rationale as to why they should be first to have it:

Me: I'm the lady of this house and put up with all of you, I get it first~
Marc: I'm the man of the house and work, if I don't see it now, I never will~
Josh: Hey, I just want it right now~
Mer: Mooooommmmmyyyyy...Please let me have it...Now!

Wondering what in the heck it is?

The weekly Target ad!

Why Target, I have no idea but we are Target addicts in our household!

Wonder if my paperguy would give us two Target ads, that would drive my family nuts.

Have a Great Day!

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